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A dynamic and interactive peer-to-peer investment club network

ConCap Global (CCG) facilitates the connection of pre-qualified investment opportunities with member investors, both corporate and private.

CCG’s vision is to develop and nurture families, communities, and nations by creating and growing Christ-centered enterprises through an exclusive and committed community of private investors. Clarity, convenience, and reduction of unknowns in deal selection are our guiding operational principles.

CCG intends, through its rigorous qualification process and web-based tools, to greatly improve both investor deal quality and investment funding velocity. The company is focused on providing individual members with superb deal opportunities that they may or may not syndicate with other members.

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Atlanta, GA 30097

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Areas of Service


M&A Advisors

We partner with successful business owners to provide liquidity today and to create stronger, more valuable companies in the future. We believe good partnerships thrive on open and honest communication, well-aligned economic interests and shared decision-making.


asset & wealth management

Our focus is on working with investors and management teams to build and grow businesses by combining strategic execution with a conservative capital structure. While we will actively pursue opportunities across a broad range of industries, we seek repeatable characteristics within each of our investments.


uk pension transfers

A specialist service for anyone who has ever accumulated pension entitlement in the UK and needs specific professional advice concerning whether it's appropriate to transfer to a private trust arrangement or not. We can explain the options and help you take the appropriate steps.


His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much.
— Matthew 25:23


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